Film Review: Results

It’s helpful to know going in that writer-director Andrew Bujalski describes his movie 'Results' as “something you might call a romantic comedy.” Without such a heads-up, the average moviegoer wouldn’t have the foggiest idea how to categorize it.
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The lead characters in Results are Danny (Kevin Corrigan), a sad-sack divorced guy from New York whose estranged mother dies and leaves him a multi-million-dollar fortune he didn’t know she had; Trevor (Guy Pearce), the beefed-up but stressed-out health guru and owner of the Power 4 You gym in Austin, Texas; and Kat (Cobie Smulders), Trevor’s ex-girlfriend as well as his top-performing personal trainer—who’s also an edgy neurotic if there ever was one.

The action begins after Danny moves to Austin and uses his new wealth to rent a local McMansion, filling one room with expensive workout equipment. Of course he has no idea how to use the weights, treadmills and other gym paraphernalia, as he’s always been a gluttonous, lethargic, out-of-shape schlub and probably always will be. Nevertheless, Danny goes to Trevor’s gym, signs up for a workout program and begins exercising (sort of) with Kat, his assigned personal trainer.

Danny’s ultimate motives immediately come into question—specifically, his intentions toward Kat. But this is cleared up pretty quickly when she arrives at his house for a workout session but is instead escorted to the patio where Danny has installed a jazz combo and a standby local chef to serve up a candlelight dinner for two. Kat is shocked and offended and storms out. Later, she also gets mad at Trevor and quits.

By the way, until about, oh, maybe three-quarters of the way through this movie, it’s never entirely clear that there is—or ever was—any romance between Kat and Trevor—but evidently their relationship is the actual romance in the “romantic comedy” Bujalski mentions in his director’s statement. Also, it’s anybody’s guess what Danny’s true aims are, because under Trevor’s guidance he finally becomes serious about getting in shape. Trevor, meanwhile, is doggedly single-minded about expanding Power 4 You’s facilities, so it’s no shock when he cagily invites the newly rich Danny to become a 50-50 partner.

Along the way, Erin (Brooklyn Decker), Trevor’s realtor and sometime love interest, shows up now and then; Danny hires Paul (Giovanni Ribisi), a lawyer and occasional drug dealer, and Grigory (Anthony Michael Hall), a famous body builder, keeps popping up in TV commercials and, one time only, appears in person. Most of these performers—and others in the supporting cast—generally drift about, looking as if they have no idea what’s going on. Pearce is the only actor among them who seems fairly confident in what he’s doing, and he’s the only one who comes close to creating an appealing character. However, even Trevor has his creepy moments.

The results on Results? It’s not the breakthrough into box-office success that Bujalski says he wants. But let’s hope he tries again to make a movie with real actors, and maybe next time he could give them some real characters, and maybe a real plot to work with. Maybe then he’ll create the kind of movie—duh—that most audiences will pay to see.

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