Film Review: Doobious Sources

Moronic lowbrow stoner humor and two of the most annoying characters ever put onscreen make this a grueling experience.
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There’s definitely a time and place for a good marijuana comedy—Cheech and Chong made a career out of it in the ’70s and plenty of others have tried to revive the genre. Maybe the wacky weed isn’t nearly as taboo now as it was back then, so the idea of a movie about two pot-smoking video journalists doesn’t seem particularly far-fetched.

Despite the title, this movie co-written and directed by Clif Lord takes nearly half an hour before the two protagonists—investigative journalists Zorn Tappadapo (Jason Weissbrod) and Reginald “The Reg” Block-Hunsleigh (Jeff Lorch)—actually light up. By then, you might already be so sick of them you’ll wish you’d done the same before watching the movie. (The fact that Lord’s movie was the winner of the “Golden Leaf” at something called the “Maine Cannabis Film Festival” should give you some idea of the level of humor at work here.)

This bumbling duo have created something they call the “Instant Karma Investigative News Service,” which they use to try to get justice for those who have been wronged. They’re hired by a local network to help investigate the town mayor, so they drive around in a borrowed RV with young reporter Ky Kittridge (Creagen Dow), who instantly becomes the target of the duo’s sass.

At the same time, the guys are still getting flack for their “Straight Guys Who Aren’t” piece where they lured married men into motels, presumably for gay sex.  It is the type of ludicrous news reporting (which we get a good sample of) that you’d expect from these losers. This subplot does give the actors and filmmakers an excuse to make ugly homophobic comments that don’t do much to win anyone over.

To truly enjoy Doobious Sources, you’ll have to get past the fact it stars possibly two of the most annoying guys to ever appear on camera. Weissbrod and Lorch seem to be trying to outdo each other in making you hate them, but neither has the chops to create something quite on the level of a Dumb & Dumber or Bill and Ted. The fact that one of them is continually called “The Reg” alone is enough to make you loathe them.

As bad as these two main guys are, the supporting actors around them aren’t much better, all of them giving over-the-top performances in hopes that will make things funnier. Creagen Dow is one of the few exceptions, but if he ever takes off as an actor, he’ll want to do his best to make sure this movie’s existence is removed from his resume.

Because the duo are constantly filming everything, we get lots of shaky camerawork and them looking directly at the camera for a nudge and a wink. All things considered, Doobious Sources isn’t necessarily a poorly directed film despite the usual questions of who decided to edit this crappy footage together and why. The central premise is so weak, these characters seem better suited for a basic-cable show than something that deserves to be shown on a movie screen. 

One of the few potential saving graces is that the film sometimes offers a few cool rock songs from unknown acts—“Boner for Joan” is one example of the lyrics—but otherwise it’s just an endless string of stupid “bro” gags that always goes for the lowest-brow humor possible.

The exciting moment when the brakes go out on their RV takes up exactly five minutes, then we’re back to the ridiculous main story that never really figures out where it’s going. Instead of following the previously established plot, it brings back an angry husband who thinks Zorn set him up to get his hands on his wife. He gets revenge in a way that will leave you aghast that you stuck the movie out.

Clearly, this was a comedy made by stoners for stoners, and no one else need bother. But the movie lacks the one main requisite for any comedy, and that is anything even remotely funny.

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