Film Review: 7 Guardians of the Tomb

Scientists explore an ancient tomb full of spiders in this silly Asian horror movie.
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So, there's this previously unexcavated Asian burial site that contains the mummy of a centuries-old emperor and it's full of creepy spiders that scare, well, people who are scared of spiders. That's pretty much the plot of 7 Guardians of the Tomb.

A small team of mostly Western archeologists is dispatched to check out the site, including Mason (longtime “Frasier” star Kelsey Grammer), who specializes in sounding like a smart guy, and Jack Ridley (Kellan Lutz), who's cute and was an adorable werewolf in the Twilight movies. Popular Chinese star Li Bingbing (Transformers: Age of Extinction) is also aboard.

Despite the fact that 7 Guardians of the Tomb is being promoted as the largest Chinese-Australian film to date, it's incredibly dumb and tedious. But there are spiders, lots of them: Arachnophobes who hated The Giant Spider Invasion (1975), Kingdom of the Spiders (1977), Eight-Legged Freaks (2002) and their ilk should probably stay home. Everyone else will find a dull, pointless film. Let the buyer beware.

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