DCDC surpasses 30,000 U.S. theatre screens

Technology and New Products

Digital Cinema Distribution Coalition (DCDC), the transformative North American theatrical content distribution company founded by AMC Theatres, Cinemark Theatres, Regal Entertainment Group, Universal Pictures and Warner Bros. Entertainment, announced that it now has under contract more than 30,000 theatre screens in the United States, in the more than 2,650 theatre sites belonging to the 179 exhibitors it has under contract.

Additionally, DCDC reported that since its inception in October 2013, the company has made more than one million successful deliveries of features, trailers and other content to its exhibitor customers from its 36 content provider customers.

“We are extremely pleased with the unprecedented speed of the adoption of our satellite distribution network. We have brought enormous operational, creative and economic benefit to large portions of the industry in the relatively short period of time since our official launch three and a half years ago,” said DCDC CEO Randy Blotky. “We have surpassed our initial projections while maintaining a high level of service to our customers. We have done all of this while being true to our founding principles, recognizing unique opportunities to be helpful to our customer constituency, and working to stay ahead of the curve technologically."

In its second direct year-to-year comparison, DCDC finished 2016 with sizeable increases in every significant category, including the number of screens, exhibitors, content distributors, installed satellite sites, and deliveries of content.