CineAsia 2018 showcases new products and technologies

Technology and New Products

The annual CineAsia tradeshow runs Dec. 11-13 at the Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre. FJI presents a selection of CineAsia vendors and their latest products.

Christie Digital Systems

With the Christie CP2315-RGB/CP2320-RGB pure laser cinema projector, exhibitors have access to the latest innovations in projection technology at a cost of ownership comparable to Xenon. Featuring CineLife electronics and RealLaser illumination, this DCI-compliant projector excels in image quality and operational lifetime while providing a low cost of ownership. Compact, light and featuring an all-in-one form factor, the CP2315-RGB/CP2320-RGB does not require any external chillers or special pedestals for a seamless installation into any booth. Make the switch to pure laser and benefit from a long-lasting and affordable platform that will perform well into the future. Visit Christie at CineAsia booth 201. (


Cinionic introduces the Barco High Contrast Laser projectors that deliver stunning images on smaller screens. Based on Barco’s Smart Laserplatform, these models are highly efficient and cost-effective, overcoming typical challenges of creating high-contrast movie images for smaller screens. An excellent value proposition for exhibitors, they feature consistent laser image quality, native 4K resolution, enhanced ANSI and native contrast, proven DLP technology and long lifetime. The Barco DP4K-13BLPHC (11,500 lumens) is ideally suited to small- to mid-size screens and the Barco DP4K-18BLPHC (16,000 lumens) is designed for mid-size screens. Learn more at CineAsia at Hong Kong Convention Center Level 2 MR S227. (


Coca-Cola Fiber, another new product of the year after the successful launch of Sprite Fiber, leads the trend of healthy options in the beverage market. With zero sugar, zero calories and added 7.5-gram dietary fiber (which equals the fiber content of two apples), each bottle of Coca-Cola Fiber can meet 30% of the daily needs of dietary fiber for an adult. Reduce your burden at any time: Become one of Coca-Cola’s “fiber” cuties! Sample Coca-Cola Fiber at booth 124. (


Save space, money, and deliver an unforgettable experience for your guests. The innovative Dolby Integrated Media Server IMS3000 combines the strength of Dolby’s audio processing and imaging server in one unit. And it delivers superior sound with flexibility—start with Dolby Audio™ 5.1 or 7.1 sound now, and unlock the power of Dolby Atmos® whenever you’re ready to upgrade. With flexible storage options, and a new robust feature set, the IMS3000 is today’s server of choice. Learn more at booth 207 or meeting room S229. (

Encore Performance Seating

Encore Performance Seating worked with a customer to develop an innovative product aimed at filling the front-row seats in theatres. The Snuggle Lounger is the perfect option for the front row, offering a special, intimate moviegoing experience. Pair this great loveseat option with an ottoman to provide your guests with comfort, while filling the front row. The addition of a fixed or removable table helps drive revenue growth for theatres to support in-seat dining. Encore offers various options, sources the finest materials, and provides a comprehensive warranty with exceptional customer service and ongoing support. Check out the Snuggle Lounger at booth 427. (

Ferco Seating

Ferco Seating’s Privata privacy panel is designed to provide a cozy space to enclose a reclining twin or single cinema seat. Beautifully crafted to fit snugly around the seats, the panels can be upholstered to match or complement any scheme, creating a luxurious aesthetic outlook. The Privata is available for the Premium Verona range and is customizable with cupholders, swivel tables, reading lights, USB port, cleaner switch, call button and row numbering options. Come visit Ferco at CineAsia booth 225 to try it out for yourself! (

Flexound Augmented Audio

Flexound Augmented Audio™ adds the sensation of touch to cinema sound.

It combines high-quality audio with physical vibration, creating a unique immersive experience. It adds high value to your cinema offering and can easily be integrated into a range of seats.

The proven technology is already in use in selected pilot cinemas to a great response from both operators and audiences. Flexound Augmented Audio is also available for auditoriums, museums, live theatre, concert arenas, and any other venue with a seated audience. Learn more at booth 806. (

GDC Technology

GDC SR-1000 Standalone IMBTM is the cutting-edge and future-proof IMB that exhibitors have been waiting for!

SR-1000 is the company’s sixth-generation digital cinema media server, designed for near-zero maintenance and minimal total cost of ownership. The key features include:

* CineCacheTM (built-in cache memory)—content playback can be performed without the need of local HDD storage

* Ultra Storage technology, enabling the playback of over 1,000 movies when combined with Cinema Automation CA2.0

* Seamless integration with series 1, 2 and 3 projectors including Barco, Christie and NEC to ensure highly reliable and secure content delivery

* Wireless Tablet (SMS) that allows maximum mobility and access anywhere inside the cineplex

Is your cinema ready for the future? Equip your cinema management with innovative technologies and machine intelligence to enhance your competitive edge in the industry now. For more information, visit CineAsia booth 313 or contact


HCBL-HS008L/C is the upgraded model from HCBL 3D, the 3D flagship manufacturer and solution provider dedicating its unique experience to the entertainment industry. It features a large frame for the best 3D experience, especially suitable for large-screen format viewing. Stop by booth 810 to learn more. (

Lighting Technologies International

Lighting Technologies International has harnessed the power and brightness of laser technology. Helios laser systems give you all the advantages of laser projection without the cost of a new laser projector. These low-cost, long-life systems can be integrated into all digital cinema projectors. They’re so flexible you can switch from xenon lamp to laser and back again. Stop by booth 115 to learn more about Helios and the latest xenon lamp developments at LTI. (

Nexgen Fabrics

Nexgen Fabrics is India’s leading textile manufacturing company, with products for cinema walls and seats. Nexgen launched several exciting new ranges in 2018, including IFR (Inherited Flame Retardant) Fabric and anti-dust, anti-bacterial and waterproof ​Scotch Guard Fabric, Visit Nexgen Fabrics at​ booth 811. (

Pulz Electronics

The Pulz Remote Monitoring System (RMS) is an easy-to-use and highly reliable facility,enabling the efficient monitoring of a Pulz audio system. The system allows operators to observe the status of all monitored equipment at a glance via a user-customizable, map-based display. The system also offers the option of a Central Monitoring System and may be used for message alerts via email/sms.

Pulz RMS software may be installed on the same network as the digital projection system. This close integration allows both applications to share the same communication modems and Internet connections, reducing infrastructure costs. See the Pulz RMS at booth 118. (

QSC Audio Products

QSC’s SR-800 and SR-1000 surround loudspeakers are designed as a cost-effective solution for use in typical 5.1/7.1 cinemas. Both models deliver high-quality sound performance and product features at a new, economical price point. The SR-800 cinema surround loudspeaker is a two-way design that features an 8” low-frequency transducer with a 1” dome tweeter. A 120-watt continuous power rating and sophisticated crossover circuitry provide absolute reliability. The SR-1000 model is also a two-way design, featuring a 10” low-frequency transducer, a 1” compression driver, and 150-watt continuous power rating. Visit QSC at booth 102. (


Qube Wire is a self-service, single-window system for global theatrical distribution. With a simple but comprehensive user interface, distributors can manage their digital cinema assets, assign territorial rights for their content and have their DCPs and KDMs delivered to movie theatres across the world.

Qube’s Cheers is a consumer-oriented service that can be incorporated into any website to allow moviegoers to book a custom greeting to be played in a specific show of a movie. Users can preview their customized version of a selected greeting online before Cheers automatically schedules it in the show of their choosing. Visit Qube at booth 423. (

Seating Spectrum

The design story of Seating Spectrum’s new JAZZ revolves around the need for a strong all-purpose seat designed for a myriad of applications, from luxury to general seating, with just a slight change in configuration. With a wider, comfortable design and soft padded cushions, the JAZZ uses modular mechanics, Seating Spectrum’s standard design form factor that provides for ease of maintenance and replacement when required. This modular design is especially critical and extremely helpful for cinema exhibitors whose time is of the essence! See JAZZ at booth 112. (

Suministros Kelonik (KCS)

Innovation in cinema speakers is one of the key successes of KCS. This year at CineAsia, KCS partners with GuangDong Pearl River Cine & Video Equipment China to introduce a wider range of speakers and amplifiers at their booth and attract more people with a fully redesigned stand.

Besides the new ceiling solution of the TC range and their premium surround speakers SR-50/SR-60, KCS will showcase their popular stage loudspeakers and subwoofers. As of today, KCS counts about 200 Dolby Atmos installations around the world. Stop by booth 413 to learn more. (

Vista Group

Introducing Vista Horizon, the new real-time Business Intelligence experience. Featuring three components that empower you to get more out of your data: Horizon Stream delivers data from around your circuit quickly and efficiently and unlocks the power of streaming insights for real-time reporting. Horizon Store collects and manages all this operational and activity data in full detail, securely in the cloud. And Horizon Discover gives you easy-to-use dashboards and self-service analysis tools, allowing you to analyze and reveal insights from your data. Planned product launch is in early 2019. Speak to Vista’s experts at booth 101 to find out more about Vista Horizon. (

Zimage Motion Co.

Z 388 is Zimage’s latest innovation design, with intelligent elements such as USB charger, LED lighting cupholder and electric recliner function. Z 388 brings a luxury feeling to professional cinemas. See Z 388 at booth 223. (