Marketing Allies: Fox's Kurt Rieder previews his CineAsia keynote

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Kurt Rieder, executive VP, Asia, at 20th Century Fox International, previews his “State of the Industry” address on exhibition and movie marketing, which he will deliver at CineAsia in Hong Kong, Tuesday morning, Dec. 11.

From the advent of filmgoing, exhibitors have played an integral role in movie marketing. In the beginning, all movie marketing was local, and it was exhibitors who determined what front-of-house campaigns would best attract local audiences. As film releases migrated from platform openings to wide releases, television and later the Internet reduced the role of exhibition in terms of its influence on campaign design.

Cut to 2018: Movie distributors have become experts at generating awareness through social media and highly targeted mobile/online advertising and publicity. But media fragmentation, reduced attention spans and content ubiquity have made it harder than ever to convert interested audiences to purchase tickets. By delivering the critical last-mile of the conversion process, exhibitors have once again become vital to the movie marketing process.

As exhibitors control the customer relationship, they are best placed to drive conversion through creative in-theatre promotion, data-informed communications and intuitive mobile ticketing. By engaging distributors and sharing the burden of promoting films to their clientele, an exhibitor can outperform the rest of the market in terms of their per-title market share.

To achieve exhibition buy-in, it’s important to allay cinema operators’ concern that by doing much of the heavy lifting of marketing movies, distributors may opt to take a more passive stance. Exhibitors, however, play an additive role in comprehensive distributor-led campaigns and could never replace what distribution does. By working together and adopting best practices, exhibitors and distributors can maximize their collective results through a unified approach.