P.O. Box 900
Hollywood, CA 90213
United States
Phone: (310) 369-1000
Fax: (310) 369-3823

P.O. Box 900
Hollywood, CA 90213
United States
Phone: (310) 369-1000
Fax: (310) 369-3823

Atlantic Division Offices:

1211 Ave. of the Americas, 16th Fl.

New York, NY 10036 

(212) 556-8600

Fax: (212) 302-3069


Pacific & Central Division Offices:

23975 Park Sorrento Dr., Ste. 300

Calabasas, CA 91302 

(818) 876-7200

Fax: (818) 876-7291


Canada Office:

33 Bloor St. E, Ste. 1106

Toronto, Ontario M4W 3H1 

(416) 515-3354

Fax: (416) 921-9062


Chairman: Stacey Snider

SVP, Media: Leslie Henig

SVP, Media: Kimberly Flaster

SVP, Creative Advertising: Joe Tamusaitis

EVP, Finance & Administration: John Djergian

EVP, Creative Advertising: Christopher Pawlak

EVP, Creative: David Singh

Pres. of Production: Emma Watts

Pres., Global Theatrical Marketing: Pamela Levine

Pres., Domestic Distribution: Chris Aronson

Chief Brand Officer, Franchise Mgmt.: Beth Goss

Pres., Int'l Theatrical Marketing: Kieran Breen

Pres., Int'l Theatrical Distribution: Andrew Cripps

Pres., Fox Int'l Productions: Tomas Jegeus

SVP, Fox Int'l Productions: Michael Andreen

EVP, Int'l Theatrical Marketing: Britta Gampper

EVP, Int'l Theatrical Publicity: Katherine Willing

VP, Int'l Theatrical Publicity: Aviz Hakhamanesh

VP, In'tl Theatrical Publicity: Kimberly Wire

SVP, In'tl Theatrical Creative Advertising: Christi Mykles

SVP, Int'l Theatrical Creative Advertising: Mark Davis

SVP, Worldwide Theatrical Creative Content: Martin Gaiss

SVP, Int'l Theatrical Media: Mark Gent

SVP, Int'l Theatrical Promotions: Anna Roca

VP, Int'l Theatrical Research: Marina Kosten

SVP, Worldwide Theatrical Marketing: Jon Anderson

SVP, Int'l Theatrical Digital Marketing: Julien Noble

VP, Int'l Theatrical Marketing: Dougal Strachan

EVP, Franchise Mgmt: Cristina Mancini

SVP, Int'l Theatrical Finance: Peter Cordova

EVP, Domestic Theatrical Marketing: Debbie Miller

EVP, Domestic Theatrical Creative Advertising: Arnaldo D’Alfonso

EVP, Domestic Theatrical Research/Strategy: Kevin Yoder

EVP, Domestic Theatrical Media & Marketing Planning: Julie Rieger

EVP, Domestic Theatrical Non-Theatrical & Digital Exhibition: Julian Levin

SVP, Domestic Theatrical Creative Advertising: Ely Orias

SVP, Domestic Theatrical Creative Advertising: Michelle Marks

SVP, Domestic Theatrical Marketing Partnerships & Promotions: Zachary Eller

SVP, Domestic Theatrical Publicity: Heather Phillips         

SVP, Domestic Theatrical Digital Marketing: George Dewey

SVP, Domestic Theatrical Gen. Sales Mgr.: Spencer Klein

VP, Domestic Theatrical Field Marketing: Meredith Lipsky

VP, Domestic Theatrical In-Theatre Marketing: Rick Griffith

VP, Non-Theatrical Sales: Neal Rothman

VP, Atlantic Division Mgr.: Henri Frankfurther

VP, Pacific Division Mgr.: Redmond (Rusty) Gautier

VP, Central Division Manager: COrey Ballaban

VP, Gen. Mgr., Canada: Barry Newstead

VP, Domestic Theatrical Publicity: Catherine Culbert

VP, Domestic Theatrical Publicity: Natalie Bjelajac

VP, Domestic Theatrical Publicity: Robin Davids

VP, Domestic Theatrical Marketing Partnerships & Promotions: Chris Cerbo

VP, Domestic Theatrical Media Promotions: Sarah Coombs

VP, Domestic Theatrical Media: Jessica Gray

VP, Domestic Theatrical Finance: Mark Grammatke

VP, Global Theatrical Creative Content: Michael Perman

VP, Domestic Theatrical In-Theatre Marketing: Susan Cotliar

Exec. Dir., In-Theatre Marketing: Pablo Rico

Dir., Branch Operations & Administration: Becky Woo

Dir. of Sales, Detroit Territory: Joe Reid

Dir. of Sales, New York Territory: Larry Piller

Dir. of Sales, Washington D.C. Territory: Dan Eckes

Dir. of Sales, Atlanta Territory: Shaunda Lumpkin

Dir. of Sales, Philadelphia Territory: Ralph Farnham

Dir. of Sales, Boston Territory: Lauren Black

Dir. of Sales, Miami Territory: Jackie Santiago

Dir. of Sales, Raleigh Territory: Dave Hansen

Dir. of Sales, St. Louis Territory: LaMont Shedrick