Mixing It Up: Promotion in Motion unveils new Gummi Fun Mix line

Snack Corner

Promotion in Motion plans to punch its way into the summer exhibition season with a powerful new mix of confections. Nearly everyone knows that the over the past few years the trend in sweets has turned away from always-reliable chocolates to sours and gummies. The offerings in these sweet categories are quite competitive and there is a plethora of pickings to choose from. Promotion in Motion has decided to make it easy for everyone by offering a Fun Mix™, which combines a variety of textures and tastes in a single bag.

Theatre operators are constantly challenged by the countless candy options and limited space for display and storage. A number of exhibitors have created more counter space and extend the brands by placing racks in front of the concession line for a “grab and go” selection that broadens the number of brands displayed. As a result, candy sales have accelerated, yet it’s still a complicated decision on what can be offered and many times what cannot. While self-serve candy zones have allowed for a delightful display, they require a considerable amount of volume and maintenance to be successful financially.    

The summer of 2018 will offer another opportunity to meet the demands of the cinema guest while preserving the operational efficiencies needed to be profitable. The first entry in this new class of candy will be the Original Gummi Fun Mix™, presented through Promotion in Motion. This entertaining blend will include an exciting line of delicious gummies, sour gummies and other great sugary treats in a variety of shapes, sizes, flavors and colors. Consider it a rainbow of soft delicacies with an array of taste. It will be a stroll through the self-serve candy line without the hassle or overindulgence.

According to Jeff Scudillo, VP, special markets, for Promotion in Motion, “Our new Gummi Fun Mix products feature up to 18 delicious varieties in a single bag, tapping into the experimental purchasing patterns of Millennials who demand multiple benefits from their purchases and flat out bringing the fun of eating candy to totally new heights. Every bag of Original Gummi Fun Mix is a party in a bag.”

There will be six assortments of titled combinations. Gummi Party™ is an exciting mix of Gummi favorites with as many as 18 variations in each bag, including worms, bears, sharks, cherries, swirly drops and more. Sour Party™is a gathering of sour gummies, including sour rainbow belts, sour bears, sour filled licorice straws, sour mini worms and sour swirly drops. It will also include crème-filled licorice straws, sour rainbow belts and other confections in addition to the gummies.

If this is not enough, Gummi Soda Pops™ will offer bottle shapes with six favorite soft drink flavors, including classic cola, lemon-lime, grape and orange soda. Then there are Fruit Rings™, featuring a yummy assortment of gummi rings in fan favorites: peach, apple, lemon, strawberry, blue raspberry and watermelon.

Adding to the excitement, Mixed Berries™ will introduce a larger and more complete line of berries, expanding the current two flavors of strawberry and blackberry by adding blueberry, raspberry and black raspberry.

The last of the six packaging innovations will be Seriously Sour™. There are approximately 17 tempting flavors: Sour twin cherries, sour fruity rings, sour mini worms, sour strawberry soda bottles and sour soothers all join the merrymaking in this assorted bag.

These varieties will all release in early May, just in time for the summer season. Once again, this proves that the exhibition channel continues to be a great source for launching products for the retail markets to gain traction. Scudillo notes, “Promotion in Motion has always looked to exhibition as the greatest entry point to launch its leading line of confectionery and snack brands to the consumer market. Once again, our company is launching and releasing Original Gummi Fun Mix to theatre concessions and moviegoers first! Eventually the brand will be sold in all channels of trade. Moviegoers will get first dibs and proper bragging rights at having tried them first at the movies. It’s been a winning strategy at our company for almost 40 years. No need fixing what works.”

Let’s get the party started!